(Thank You Greenville Spinners, for your support.)

If you were there, then you heard the entire audience chanting Bikes Rock! as the first of 11 short-films was about to roll.

On October 1st, Greenville hosted it’s first Bicycle Film Festival (BFF) at The Peace Center. It was an initial step in what will be more Cycling events, that will bring together the entire cycling community “under one big tent.”

The night of the Film Festival was filled with energy and enthusiasm. Each film told a different narrative, from a wide wide-spectrum of personal experiences, to weave together a greater story of why and how Bicycles effect so many people across the world, in positive ways.

Over each the past 22 years, the creators of the Bicycle Film Festival, based in New York City, have worked with film makers all over the world to pull together a selection of their new films. Curating something new and fresh year-over-year. These films have all been shown around the world, and this year Greenville screened them for the first time.

BFF will return again in 2023. We are already thinking about adding other events, run by other cycling groups, to create an entire weekend dedicated to Bikes.

Final note, the entire evening was dedicated to the support of ONTO Cycling. (Yeah those speedy-young-lads you see at Donaldson each Tuesday.) ONTO is quickly becoming the top ranked Jr. Cycling Program in the United States. The future of US Cycling, racing on the world stage, is headquartered right here in GVL.

Your feedback, commentary, and support in future events is welcome.



Thank you all for your support.
Tor Bennstrom & Rusty Miller

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