Dana Spark

April’s Monthly Member Profile is from longtime member, Dana Spark. Dana is a very experienced & traveled cyclist.

What brought you to Greenville?

I moved to Greenville, from Toronto, with my family in 1994.  We came with Magna International to build a manufacturing plant (on Donaldson Country Loop) to build the bodies for the brand-new BMW Z3. We intended to stay for 2 years but could never bring ourselves to go back!  Even back then, Greenville was a great place to live and was changing, for the better, as more automotive manufacturing began to move to the area.  The growth provided a fantastic place to live and have fun!

How long have you been cycling?

I began cycling in 2005, following a stress fracture that did not allow me to run.  A friend gave me a bike to try.  It was a steel Klein, with shifters on the down tube.  I loved it and rode as much as I could. I rode regularly with a couple of ladies when I lived on a farm in Simpsonville.  One day I tried one of my friend’s “fancy” bikes…and the slippery slope began 🙂

In 2006 I did my first triathlon and continued to compete in all distances until 2018.  (I had a brief relapse in 2023, competing in Chattanooga 70.3 – my swan song).

Since 2018, I have been mostly a “roadie”. While I dabbled in mountain biking, and last year picked up gravel riding, Road riding is my focus.

How do you benefit from your Spinners membership?

Greenville Spinners is a great organization and is such an integral part of the cycling scene here.  I rode the Tuesday night rides at Donaldson for years, and still do so on occasion.  The Spinners coordinate several good group rides throughout the year, and when I ride them, I always see cycling friends I don’t often ride with.

I have in the past ridden some of the Time Trials at Donaldson, and the opportunity to test myself has always been a big draw.

Perhaps some of the biggest benefits to being a Spinners member, is to know that I am part of a like-minded group of people, to have rides and events organized by Spinners where I can just show up and ride with friends, and to meet so many cyclists that I might not meet if not for the Spinners organization.  I truly appreciate all the work the Spinners board and volunteers put into these events.

How would you describe the Greenville Cycling community?

In a nutshell, the local Cycling community has something for everyone!  All riding disciplines, and all levels can find rides to join and meet friends who will become their cycling buddies.  I have met some great cyclists, who are also amazing people by attending Spinner’s rides/events.  I hope to continue to meet more of you and see you on the roads and trails!

The local cycling community would not be what it is without the leadership of the Spinners board.  We should all feel grateful to have such a selfless group who work hard to provide cycling and social opportunities to get together!

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