The Bike Safety Foundation may be top reason for being a member of the Greenville Spinners.


SaftyChild3-t3In 1993, the Jaycees were providing bicycles to Boys and Girls Club members at Christmas and asked the Spinners to provide the children with bicycle helmets. Jimmy Vissage, former foundation chair, started a tradition that continues to this day.

Since that time, the Foundation has provided over 8,600 bicycle helmets to area children. “It’s safe to say that we have saved more than one kid from a serious head injury and possible death because they were wearing one of the helmets, we provided” stated Jimmy.

The program has grown dramatically over the years. In addition to providing the helmets, club members now work with schools, churches, children’s homes, Boys and Girls Scouts, the American Red Cross, emergency medical personnel and area law enforcement to educate children, parents and teachers on bicycle safety.

Most club members receive an annual fund raising call from a team of Spinner’s volunteers. Joe Sullivan graciously volunteers The Sullivan Company’s office and phones for the campaign. .

Over $7,500 dollars has been raised for the Foundation last year alone. Generous members clearly find it hard to resist the plea for funds to save kids lives. “One child at a time”.

The Foundation receives requests to present bicycle safety programs from many groups and organizations. Volunteer’s speak to many of these groups and the posters of a child after an accident, literature and special model of a human brain leaves a lasting impact on the audiences. “They tell me how much the appreciate receiving the information and how much fun it is to learn about bicycle safety,” says Jimmy.

“I believe we have instilled a real understanding of the importance of safety in bicycling to the children. Already this week we have had a four year fall at home on his bicycle and scratch his face on the pavement. I can’t imagine what his injuries could have been if he hadn’t been wearing his new helmet that you donated,” stated Julie Hafer of Mt Zion Christian School after a visit and presentation by Jimmy and club members.

“I learned a lot about the bike and helmet” Aurelio Simon – 5th Grade

Funding for the Foundation is always needed and greatly appreciated. The Foundation is a registered 501 3(c) charity and your donations are tax deductible. In addition to the annual fundraiser for kid’s helmets, members can also contribute through the local United Way organization, where members can designate the contribution to the Foundation or through this website.

“Thank you for coming. And thank you for giving us helmets. … I wear it all the time when I get on my bike.” Adrian – 5th Grade

“Thank you for coming … to speak with my after school students about safety. The students also enjoyed the special one-on-one attention of getting properly fitted. Thanks to the volunteers that came out to size the students for their helmets.”
Erica McCleskey
Teacher – Duncan Chapel Elementary
Communities in Schools


Click Here to make a Donation to  the GSBC Safety Foundation. Thank you for your support.

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