Single Membership - Auto Recurring

$25.00 per Year.


This option is for a Single member that automatically renews after one year.

Membership (Under 18 Years Old) - Auto Recurring

$15.00 per Year.


This option is for a member under 18 years old that automatically renews after one year.  

Single Membership - 1 YR

$35.00 now.
Membership expires after 1 Year.


This option is for a Single member for One Year

Membership (Under 18 Years Old) - 1 YR

$20.00 now.
Membership expires after 1 Year.


This option is for a member under 18 years old for one year.

Current Membership Benefits

 10% Discount at these Local Bike Shops!

Imaginary BikeWorks

All Greenville Spinner’s members are eligible to receive preferred partner pricing at Frigid Cryotherapy & Recovery Spa. Our preferred partner rate is $40/service and you may choose from our entire menu of Integrative Wellness Options, including: whole body cryotherapy, LOCALCryo, CryoFACIAL, Celluma Light Therapy, Joovv Light Therapy, or Compression (arms, legs, or hips).

These sessions cannot be pre-purchased. Must purchase in the store at the time of service. Limit one discounted service per person per visit.

Appointments can be made by calling the office or online through our website at –OR–  by using this link,

The Feed

As a Greenville Spinners Bicycle Club member, you will get an $80 annual credit at The Feed.

The Feed is the largest online store for endurance athletes to get all the nutrition, performance supplements, and recovery gear you need to make your next workout even better.

They have every major brand (Skratch, Maurten, Clif Bar, Hammer, and over 500 more!). The best part is that you can also buy “single servings” to mix and match flavors and try new products without buying a whole box of 12+. Shipping is free on every order over $50.

It is simple to join the Greenville Spinners Bicycle Club at The Feed and takes less than 30 seconds.

  • Claim your $80 annual credit at this link.
  • Register email and verify your phone number.
  • Spend your first drop of $20 right away. Additional $20 Feed credit drops will occur every 90 days.
Here is the fine print –
You must spend at least $35 to be able to apply the $20 credit.  I usually spend at least $50 to get the free shipping…
The $20 credit expires after 60 days.  So if you don’t use it, you lose it.
That is it.  Yet another benefit to being a club member!
I’m hooked on the Maurten drink mix and gels.  They make it simple to get to 70-80g of carbs/hour and they are easy on the stomach.  Try it, you’ll like it.
Thanks for supporting the club, we appreciate it!

Start making friends who will encourage you in the sport of cycling. Choose your level.

PLEASE NOTE: Auto-recurring membership levels require payment with a PayPal account. Yearly membership levels can pay by PayPal, Credit Card or Check.
If signing up for Under 18 level, a completed and signed Minor Release Waiver will be required before participation.

There are many reasons to join the spinners

*Shop discretion applies on select merchandise/services, See local bike shops page for more details

  • Secondary insurance at group rides
  • Meet and ride with fellow cyclists
  • Ride with other members on weekly group rides, special event rides and a multi-day tour
  • Exchange messages with club members almost daily on with messages about rides, advocacy and cycling tips, right on the site
  • Attend training seminars, picnics and other cycling related events
  • Learn of cyclist near your home to ride or carpool with – over 700 members
  • Free entry into Greenville Spinners Time Trails

Support cycling

  • Safety Foundation benefiting over 8,300 area children with instructions and helmets
  • Donations locally that foster goodwill towards cyclists
  • Promoting and guiding city and county bicycle infrastructure projects through our partnership with Bike Walk Greenville
  • Support of the SCTAC ride legacy (port-a-johns, escort coordination, public relations)
  • Maintenance of rides calendars, ride maps and cue sheet covering Greenville County

Improve Fitness

  • Participate in the fitness ride
  • Attend training seminars
  • Train with others of similar ability and goals as you

Learn of bike routes nearby

  • Ride in weekly group rides and special event rides
  • Learn more about cycling
  • Learn of bike routes and cue sheets / directions in your area
  • Keep up with cycling related events, news, training tips and last minute ride announcements
  • Attend training seminars
  • Learn of local weekly group rides and special event rides
  • Keep up with the spirit of cycling in Greenville
  • Learn of pending legislation that affects your riding

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