Become a Member Today and get a 10% Discount at these Local Bike Shops!

All Greenville Spinner’s members are able to receive these 2 specials.

They must purchase them in store at the time of service.  Appointments can be made by calling the office at 864.246.2796 or online at

$35 Single Whole Body Chills (regularly $55)

  • Only purchase one per day – per client
  • Must be used at the time of purchase
  • Non-Transferable, Non-Sharable, Non-Refundable

3 WHOLE BODY CHILLS, $99  (regularly $150)

  • 1 per client – per year
  • Expires 1 year after purchase date
  • Non-Transferable, Non-Sharable, Non-Refundable

Start making friends who will encourage you in the sport of cycling. Choose your level.

PLEASE NOTE: Auto-recurring membership levels require payment with a PayPal account. Yearly membership levels can pay by PayPal, Credit Card or Check.
If signing up for Under 18 level, a completed and signed Minor Release Waiver will be required before participation.


Single Membership - Auto Recurring

$25.00 per Year.


This option is for a Single member that automatically renews after one year.

Membership (Under 18 Years Old) - Auto Recurring

$15.00 per Year.


This option is for a member under 18 years old that automatically renews after one year.  

Single Membership - 1 YR

$35.00 now.
Membership expires after 1 Year.


This option is for a Single member for One Year

Membership (Under 18 Years Old) - 1 YR

$20.00 now.
Membership expires after 1 Year.


This option is for a member under 18 years old for one year.

There are many reasons to join the spinners

*Shop discretion applies on select merchandise/services, See local bike shops page for more details

  • Secondary insurance at group rides
  • Meet and ride with fellow cyclists
  • Ride with other members on weekly group rides, special event rides and a multi-day tour
  • Exchange messages with club members almost daily on with messages about rides, advocacy and cycling tips, right on the site
  • Attend training seminars, picnics and other cycling related events
  • Learn of cyclist near your home to ride or carpool with – over 500 members
  • Free entry into Greenville Spinners Time Trails

Support cycling

  • Safety Foundation benefiting over 8,300 area children with instructions and helmets
  • Donations locally that foster goodwill towards cyclists
  • Promoting and guiding city and county bicycle infrastructure projects through our partnership with Bike Walk Greenville
  • Support of the SCTAC ride legacy (port-a-johns, escort coordination, public relations)
  • Maintenance of rides calendars, ride maps and cue sheet covering Greenville County

Improve Fitness

  • Participate in the fitness ride
  • Attend training seminars
  • Train with others of similar ability and goals as you

Learn of bike routes nearby

  • Ride in weekly group rides and special event rides
  • Learn more about cycling
  • Learn of bike routes and cue sheets / directions in your area
  • Keep up with cycling related events, news, training tips and last minute ride announcements
  • Attend training seminars
  • Learn of local weekly group rides and special event rides
  • Keep up with the spirit of cycling in Greenville
  • Learn of pending legislation that affects your riding

Questions about Membership? Email: [email protected]

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