Do I need a time trial bike?
No, any bike will do. We even have separate results categories for road bikes, time trial bikes and handcycles.

Do I need to do all four time trials?
No; however, we encourage it, so you can compare your times! Results for each event are posted separately. Additional series results are posted for those that compete in multiple events.

I have never done this before, what can I expect?
We start riders every minute. Get there early to register and do a warm-up. We also let you request specific start times in advance. We do not do race day registration. Make sure you are at the start 3-5 minutes before your start time so you can get lined up. It is a very relaxed and supportive atmosphere, and there are snacks and drinks when you finish.

Is the route closed to traffic?
No, but it is a low traffic area, and we have a police officer at the turn-around. Time trials are also a great way to race without the fear of being in a pack of riders.

Is there a fee and do I need a racing license?
The TT’s are free for Greenville Spinners members and you do not need a racing license. New riders simply join the club once to participate in any of the time trials.

What is the length?
It is a ten-mile course (out-and-back) on Perimeter Road. The course is rolling with great road quality. You can find the segment on ridewithgps and Strava.

Will the series help my riding/racing/performance?
The ten-mile effort will give you data, (power, speed, heartrate, etc.), that you can use to set your training zones. At the very least, doing the same ride on the same course every month can help you measure your fitness and achieve your goals. If you train with power, the distance is similar to that which is often recommended as part of determining FTP.

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See you out there!

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