Greenville Spinners Members and Weekly SCTAC Ride Participants:

At SCTAC on Tuesday, April 16 prior to the 6:00 PM start, there was a vehicle crash on Perimeter Road. We do not know all the details, but the car passengers were transported to the hospital to receive treatment for any injuries. No cyclist injuries were reported. Thank you to the first responders who arrived at the scene. We altered ride routes to avoid the crash area. The incident reminds us that safety must be our first priority.

Steve Baker and I will meet with our SCTAC contacts to discuss current practices and future plans regarding our rides at SCTAC and will share the outcome of this meeting with you.

Cyclist safety reminders:
* Stay as far right as practicable.
* Follow the rules of the road.
* Pay attention to your surroundings and point out obstacles in the road.
* Ride in a predictable manner (hold your line) and call out if you need to alter your ride line.
* Do not ride with earphones.
* Be seen: We suggest always using a rear taillight, even during daylight hours.

If you want more information about safe cycling, please contact me or another experienced rider.

I write on behalf of the Greenville Spinners Board Members: We are glad you are part of our local cycling community and we all must help keep each other safe. We look forward to many more rides and miles with all of you.


Rob Bailey-President

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