The Greenville Spinners Bicycle Club is pleased to announce that we will be returning to group riding activities at SCTAC on April 13, 2021. Group riding still presents a risk of spreading COVID-19 and we want to stress the importance of abiding by simple safety protocols before, during and after our rides. It is very important that we follow the guidelines set forth by the CDC and SC-DHEC. Please take personal responsibility for your own safety and the safety of other riders around you. If people ignore the protocols or we experience an increased incidence of COVID-19 transmissions, we will be forced to suspend group riding activities.

Please observe the following protocols while participating in Greenville Spinners Bicycle Club Group Rides:

  • Take personal responsibility for your own health and safety and do not participate if you are not comfortable with your own personal risk factors. These guidelines are intended to reduce risk, but they cannot eliminate it totally.
  • Self-monitor for signs and symptoms of COVID-19. If you have symptoms, do not feel well, OR if you have been in direct contact with anyone who has or shows signs of COVID-19, please do NOT participate in any group rides.
  • Come prepared to be self-sufficient with food and drink, as well all tools, equipment and clothing needed so as not to have to share with anyone.
  • Wear your face covering when socializing and staging before the ride starts and after the ride has finished. Avoid direct contact with other riders at the beginning, during and after the ride. You may remove your face covering while you are riding.
  • Reduce fluid exposure by dropping back and ensure that no one is in your slip stream when you blow your nose. This is good courteous behavior anytime, but it’s critical to reducing droplet exposure in the group.
  • Carry your own hand sanitizer to clean your hands before eating and after using the bathroom.
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