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This year the Greenville Spinners are supporting the races in several BIG ways.

(The Official Hagood Ride is Cancelled this Month Only)

We are supporting the USA pro race event this weekend – April 16th and 17th with a rides from downtown Greenville with additional start at SCTAC on Saturday and rides from the Zoo on Sunday.

On Saturday, April 16th

Spinners will have a group ride  from downtown Greenville (meet at Sulley Steamers at Main and Washington) or start at SCTAC. We will go to the Connector and folks that want to stay to watch the time trials can cut off there, watch the time trials and ride back. The route will also continue to go on to the Happy Cow Creamery with a loop back to the same place at the connector and then head back to SCTAC and into town.

Total Distances – 53 miles from downtown, 22 miles from SCTAC to start of Time Trial, only 10 miles if you stop to watch at the Connector. See Routes Below. No support, no SAG.

Start Times: 8:45 AM at Sulley Steamers, 10:00AM at SCTAC in rectangle parking lot. Meet at the Spinners Sign.


Route from downtown to SCTAC, with time trial connector location to watch trials, and onto Happy Cow.

GVL/SCTAC/Connector/Happy Cow

Route from SCTAC to the Start of Time Trial and back to SCTAC

SCTAC/Connector/Start of Time Trial

On Sunday, April 17th:

The Spinners will have a tent at the Crit race at East North and Main. There will be two rides from the Zoo, one at 11:30 and one at 2:00 to end up downtown to watch the races. For people that ride from the Zoo we will also have drinks and snacks atop the One Building at Bergamo Plaza and people will be able to go to the roof top enjoy a snack and watch the races there as well. You have to be on the ride to do go in the One building and must have cycling cleats covered.

If you wish to  actually ride the connector you must drive to the Time Trial location start at approximately 8AM. Spinners get a special discount. Go to Time Trial Ticket Purchase if you wish to ride the time trial route on the Connector. The Spinners have received a 25% discount.

  • Greenville Spinners Volunteers at the Spinners Tent or at the USAPro Races get two entries (instead of just one) into a drawing for a Full Spinners Kit!
  • Greenville Spinners Volunteers at the Spinners tent get a Spinners Hi-Tech T-shirt for Volunteering. Pick up your T-Shirt and enter the drawing at the Spinners tent. One volunteer slot left. To volunteer go to: Register to Volunteer at Spinners Tent

Spinner Members:

  • Join the Greenville Spinners in supporting the USA Cycling Criterium National Championships Sunday, April 17 in downtown Greenville. America’s best men and women cyclists will be vying for the stars & stripes jerseys on a closed loop of less than a mile. The racing is going to be intense!
    Greenville Spinners Members are encouraged to check in at the Spinners sponsor booth and enter their name in a drawing to win a Spinners racing kit – A $150 value.
  • Additionally, Spinners volunteers will be on hand for new membership sign up/renewals plus.
  • AND we will have the computer set up so folks see a sample and order a new Greenville Spinners Bicycle Kit at the booth.

Get details of the races here:

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