Hand Cycle (M) Series Points
Joe Pomeroy 10
David Randall 5
Junior (M) Series Points
Beckett Black 14
Gray Barnett 13
Master 50+ – Men Series Points
George Moser 13
Pat Norcia 8
Patrick Vanderwerf 7
Master 60+ – Men Series Points
James Martin 15
Bill Radler 11
Tony Herring 10
Men (4/5/U) Series Points
Neil Tabor 11
Simon Berogna 10
Garrett Molzer 6
Men (P/1/2/3) Series Points
Brooks Wienke 12
Caleb Smith 8
Conor Schunk 5
Thomas Skelton 5
Merckx – Men Series Points
Josh LaCelle 14
Luke Barnett 13
David Downing 6
Merckx – Women Series Points
Laura Calvin 12
Claire Windsor 10
Carley Sweeney 7
Women (4/U) Series Points
Tami Leonhardt 15
Julia Norcia 8
Joanna Kelly 4
Sarah Schoonover 4
Therese Seely 4
Women (P/1/2/3) Series Points
Marni Sumbal 10
Kristina Mears 9


*Note in the case of a tie, the series winner was determined by the rider who participated in the most races.

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