Dear Greenville Spinners,

The board would like to announce that Mike Pennington has gone above and beyond his duties leading the Greenville Spinners club as president for the last three years; thus he has issued a self imposed demotion. His contributions to the club are unmeasurable and we all owe him a major debt of gratitude, so on behalf of all the members, THANK YOU MIKE. We are glad you are not going far.

A major thanks also goes out to Christi our treasurer. Despite having questionable at best college fan allegiance judgement, she managed to keep our fiscal house in order. We will miss you Christi but look forward to seeing you out on the road.

With Mike finishing up I was thus nominated and voted by the board to be the next president of this club (in their defense I was the only candidate on the ballot).

For those of you lucky enough to have never met me, here is an unsolicited “cycling” bio:

I grew up in the finger lakes region of New York and had a nice childhood in a fairly typical rural setting. As a kid I rode a bike a lot, but I never thought of it as cycling, it was just the method to get to the next pickup football or basketball game and sometimes resulted in trips to the doctor/dentist. As soon as I could, I adopted motorized transportation and promptly forgot that bikes even existed. Fast forward to 2013 and my employer asked (told) my family to move to Greenville. Moving down here meant meeting new folks and I quickly found that most of the people my wife and I enjoyed hanging out with also all rode bikes. Weird and kinda cool i thought … no big deal, I had a bike, so I showed up to Donaldson for their group ride on a Tuesday night, gave it a full go and did not make it out of sight of the parking lot before being dropped … I was hooked.

I joined the Spinners board 3 years ago and have been helping in various functions/roles ever since. I truly believe we are an integral part of the cycling community here and I look forward to building on the 42 years of momentum this club has. The board and I take the responsibility of allocating the capital our members graciously provide and try our best to use it as a multiplier back into our cycling community. With that in mind we will continue our mission by focusing on the following priorities:

  1. Continue to organize, facilitate and host rides/events for all cycling levels
  2. Ensure a voice is heard by our civic leaders via advocacy for the cycling community
  3. Be a source of information, communication and partnership for the cycling businesses and community.

Ride More. Have Fun. Make Friends. Stay Fit. Be Happy.


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