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Greenville Spinner, Kimberly Poole, awarded $50 cash for Demonstrating Spirit of the Club 
Kimberly Poole is awarded $50 for demonstrating the "spirit" that makes our bicycle club great.  In 2014 the board voted to give each board member $50 to award any club member who they felt goes the extra mile in helping promote the spirit of the Club.
Kimberly helped during many signature club rides like the Packs Mt. Ride, Campbells Covered Bridge Ride and Leaf Tour by jumping in and assisting during the hectic registration process.  We usually register hundreds of riders in the 30 minutes before the ride.  She has also lead many of the Sunday afternoon Swamp Rabbit Trail rides.  Thanks Kimberly for pitching in when you see a need.  That's Spinners Spirit!
 Left:  Steve Yetman awards Kimberly Poole a $50 check for "Spinners Spirit" award

North Greenville University Crusader Club Presented with $300 Check from Spinners
Several of the Spinner touring rides stage at North Greenville University.  The Campbell's Covered Bridge Ride and Leaf Tour both started from the NGU Athletic Facility.  It's a great space to handle the hundreds of cyclists who participate.   They do a great job opening the facility for our riders convenience. We like to show our appreciation by contributing to the Crusader Club which helps provide scholarships for athletes to attend NGU.
Left:  Ken Drescher and Steve Yetman from the Spinners award Jan McDonald, Athletic Director of NGU, a $300 check to the Crusader Club (1-13-15)

Greenville Spinner, Andre Mathis, awarded $50 cash for Demonstrating Spirit of the Club 
Andre Mathis is awarded $50 for demonstrating the "spirit" that makes our bicycle club great.  In 2014 the board voted to give each board member $50 to award any club member who they felt goes the extra mile in helping promote the spirit of the Club.
Andre and his wife Lynn have managed the rest stop for the Final Fifty and First Fifty rides for many, many years.  "He handles the entire set up of the rest stop" says Ken Drescher, ride director. "The riders love the special treats Lynn and Andre make just for the event, I want to award my $50 to Andre", said Ken.   Andre also sagged this years Leaf Tour ride.  Many thanks to Andre for making the Spinners a great bike club.
 Left:  Ken Drescher awards Andre Mathis $50 check for "Spinners Spirit" award

Tuesday SCTAC rides have moved ....and 2015 Season Starts April, 7th, 2015....for more click: SCTAC 2015 

All rides will start from the Greenville Spinners Bicycle Club’s new SCTAC parking area (more information on the document to the left).
Did you know?
There is no public property at  SCTAC… For many years, we cyclists have been  trespassing by parking at SCTAC. The property holders have expressed concern about this trespassing and their own liability. So, in an effort to be respectful neighbors and good members of the community, the Spinners Board of Directors has been working with SCTAC on a solution.
The result:
We have arranged to lease a parking area. This new parking area is on Perimeter Road across from the military reserve center. There is some paved parking and some grass parking. The Spinners are paying rent for this property, and we request that everyone who parks there be a Spinners club member. This will help cover the rent  and will reduce liability. The porta-johns will be located on our new property, and a sign is posted designating the area as belonging to the Greenville Spinners.

From left to right, Bruce Clemens, Steve Yetman, Kristian Hajny
and Remi Bagwell.
$2,704.69 raised for Furman Global Sustainability Club Guatemalan Water Project.

Campbell's Covered Bridge Ride - Ride Report
Labor Day, Mon. Sep. 1, 2014 @ 10:00 AM | North Greenville University Stadium Parking Lot, Tigerville, SC
The Spinners teamed up with Furman's Global Sustainability Club to aid their water project in Guatemala. Approx. 170 riders rode 23 and 50 mile routes.  The ride raised just under $3,000 for the water project.  All volunteers and directors volunteered their time so 100% of the money goes directly to the people of Guatemala. 

The Greenville County Sheriffs dept. provided two officers to lead out the riders.  

The weather was partly cloudy and humid with temps. reaching in the low 90's. 
You can view some images of the ride by clicking HERE

Ride Directors:  Ken Drescher and Steve Yetman


Greenville Spinners Hagood Mill Ride

Note the Start Location Changes: Furman & Downtown

Saturday, Feb 21st, pedaling at 10:00 am from Furman

The long ride will start at Sulley's Steamers Restuarant at the corner of Washington and Main St. (downtown) at 9:15 am (parking on the street is free all day) or gather in the courtyard at Furman beside the lake at the Starbucks and Barnes and Noble Book Store on campus. We will pedal promptly at 10:00 am. It's a 43-mile rolling, out-and-back route from Furman to Hagood Mill.  We've painted PINK directional arrows, and cue sheets will be available.  The "official" ride will start and end at Furman. For the details, please go to the event calendar or click this link and click Hagood Ride
Hagood MHagood Mill Ride - 2/21/2015ill Ride - 3/21/2015


Weekly Sunday Afternoon Swamp Rabbit Trail Rides

Every Sunday 2:00 PM | Cleveland Park (near the zoo entrance)

Join us for an ongoing Sunday Swamp Rabbit trail ride. We leave the park at 2:00 PM and ride on the Swamp Rabbit Trail up to Travelers Rest to the Forest Coffee Shop. Then we pedal back to the park. It is about 12 miles to TR and 12 miles back. Occasinally we ride to the very end of the trail and take a loop over Tubbs Mtn. and back to Travelers Rest - but this is optional. This is a fun ride where speed is not a factor. You simply ride at your own pace. This is an all inclusive ride - everyone is welcome! Helmets are required. Click here for more info. View video about the Swamp Rabbit.